Lisa Nichols’ transformational course, Creative Visualization, has changed thousands of our customers’ lives.

Lisa’s ability to help people to visualize — and then create — their ideal lives is incredibly powerful. From finances, to relationships, to emotional wellbeing, Lisa’s techniques work in all areas of life. Our customer, Elle, wrote in to tell us how she personally experienced massive change after she tried Lisa’s methods.

Here’s what Elle told us:

“I have to share something. Last April, I participated in an online seminar about Creative Visualization with Lisa Nichols and Vishen of Mindvalley. At the time I wanted to purchase Lisa’s guided visualization but couldn’t afford it. Since that time, I’ve left high tech, got published in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Volunteering and Giving Back edition, finished my OWN young adult novel which is releasing in October, and I’m writing full time working on my next book.

“Today I purchased the Creative Visualization course and I have to tell you all, it is worth every penny. I wish I hadn’t waited so long, but everything happens in it’s time and season. This course is EVERYTHING. It spoke to me on all levels: emotional, mental, physical, spiritual, financial, creative, business, you name it. Please, don’t do what I did, don’t wait to purchase it. Find a side hustle to raise up the money, they even have a payment plan, and treat yourself.

“This woman, Lisa Nichols, is a servant of the highest order. I’ve known of her for years after watching The Secret, but what got me was last April when she talked about needing to have $20 in the bank to be able to get ANYTHING out. I had been there and I respected her so much more for sharing a moment of her pain that I had lived too. Each of you can be successful and reach your dreams. Give it all you’ve got, you CAN do it. My name is Leslie Calderoni, part of my story is in the newest Chicken Soup [for the Soul] book, and I highly recommend the course Lisa and Vishen put together. It’s an investment in yourself.”

~ Elle Cee

Thank you, Elle! It’s amazing to hear how Mindvalley’s products and authors have transformed your life 🙂

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