This course [Unlimited Abundance], 15 minutes every day, opened up a world of possibilities in how I live and helped me become confident and proactive. I lifted out of low-key but constant depression and have much better relationships with everyone I know.

The biggest experience was to be present, for me nothing more was needed. What I love about the course is the simplicity of entering conscious awareness states, to explore my own experience.

Unlimited Abundance guides us with humor, even though I was sometimes feeling emotionally turbulent, this would pass, as do all emotions, and I would feel greater clarity by clearing my space.

This has supported my life as I am no longer exhausted by “owning” all the emotions of people around me and can be myself. I also valued the reminders that energy and spiritual work is an ongoing activity, so simple to check in every day have a spiritual shower.

There’s much more to it, the wonder and excitement at exploring the universe, and finding my own pathways. Brilliant.


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