I did have some positive changes in my life.  I did not think I could afford to get a new car.   A few weeks after listening to Christie I ended up leasing an electric car and saving enough gas money to easily afford the payments.

The other fun thing that happened is shortly after the car I was selling my house and buying a new one with my fiance .  I was told by one agent to post 10K less than I wanted.  I went with a different agent and we placed the house on the market for what I had originally wanted and my house sold in the first week of posting and had two full price offers.  

About 2 months after that I got a new job and received the salary that I wanted. That allowed me to negotiate a higher accrual rate for my vacation time. That gave me an extra 2 weeks of vacation time a year.  Then two weeks later I received an email that they were going to increase my salary by $7000 a year.  

Christie does a great job explaining the importance of raising our vibration to love or above. I love her positive energy!

Lots of Love and Blessings,


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