Before I started the class I have been practicing the Violet Flame, I have learned to know this alchemist 🙂 a few years ago when I was feeling as if in a very big war emotionally, in my family-business, etc… I had also discovered I am a rather sensitive person with psychic abilities. And these things are not easily accepted in the environment where I live.

So I felt in the wrong place and I decided to do something more meaningful with my life than only work hard and earn money. More in the direction of eating, love, pray 🙂

End of May I saw the Be a Modern Master Class come up at Mindvalley and I immediately felt attraction! How wonderfully it is designed to integrate ancient wisdom and practices in modern life. It is nice to learn these ancient practices and combine it very easily with our modern IT based lives nowadays and still be able to incorporate the ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Being rather sensitive I could sense Deborah’s healing energy immediately in the first free Master Class (with the Violet Flame Meditation!) and she actually pulled me in the course.

And I am very happy, I started doing the practices she recommends and I could feel places in my body heal, also at night dreaming very clearly, as if traumatic situations from the past got explained so that they can heal, blood pressure dropped to 10/6 instead of 14/7. I am extremely calm even with a crazy coconut colleague in the working environment. And I decided to take on the Life Force Healing certification course!

What also made it special is that we can use the Tribelearn. It is great to see how all fellow students share their questions, experiences, ask for help, help out and also Deborah’s commitment in answering the questions.

It is a great experience and please keep me posted when it is on next year!

Best wishes!!!

Maaike Vandenhove