The course Be a modern master has made a big impact in my life, I now better understand about all the energies around both me and other people. Deborah King has a way teaching so it is also so inspiring to listen to her.

This has resulted that I have taken many courses with her after Be a modern master. I have also signed up to Secrets of chakra wisdom, awaken the healer within, Learn to meditation, Hands on healing, angels of energy, Astral Wisdom, Secrets of the Ayurveda, Life force energy healing 1, Life force energy healing 2 and now starting one year school with Life force energy healing 4.

So I can with all my heart recommend Deborah King’s courses, I am so satisfied with the choices I have made regarding the courses I have taken with her!

She is following up every course you take and makes sure that you get the hang of it and makes it a so safe place to be!

Best regards

Linda Hossmann