Lifebook is the best training of this nature that I have ever done. It is a fabulous course. Educational sound and very well structured (I have been involved in education for many years)

I applied the SMART goals and I am now well on my way to achieve this goal, I have a preliminary goal for the next 6 weeks, and an overall goal for 12 months. which has made it seem quite achievable. I already feel lighter, more organized in my surroundings, have given many bags of stuff to charity and feel I have more space in my head as well as in my house.

I have had some dates with my grandchildren and my children.

I have spoken to my husband and we have decided to have more experiences in our life, and it is amazing how many new people we have already met, what we have experienced and how much fun we have had: We stayed for a weekend with friends in the country: they had previously invited us many times, but we never took them up on their offer.
We Saw a couple of movies that interested us (somehow before it seemed difficult to make the effort).

The most recent were today: a charity fundraiser high tea for ovarian cancer. I normally would have been hesitant in going to a function where I did not know anyone. It turned out to be a good and fun experience, and we supported a good cause and gave something back to the community.