“The way of explaining things with the words (in the way) that a 21st-century human can understand. The simplicity of the content. Of course – the value of the content and how important it is to understand.”

I am self-employed working as a Rebirthing Breathwork facilitator full time and I have blown away from the power you can get from conscious breathing. But the course Becoming Limitless is amplifying all my previous knowledge and exercises enormously.

Breathwork + Mindvalley Academy stuff is BENDING REALITY! Combining breathwork and these lessons you literally bringing yourself to cosmos! I am also using some of the ideas in my practicum working with clients like the “3 most important questions” and “The 6 phase meditation!” My clients find it Awesome!

A lot of stuff I have known from before, but I am taking this course very slowly and trying not to fall into the trap called “I know that” – suggest for others to be aware too!