Vishen Lakhiani’s course, Becoming Limitless, raises a lot of questions about your belief system, models of reality, and the state of our education system in general.

One of the reasons Vishen created this course was to empower people to question beliefs and systems that they have subconsciously absorbed, but never really understood—or even agreed with. Of course, this sort of immersion starts in childhood, which is why Mindvalley has such a strong focus on changing the educational system worldwide.

One of our customers, Stephanie, understands this plight, and wrote in to tell us about her experience with Becoming Limitless, and her thoughts on the education system:

“I am very happy to join this course. I [have already felt] the experience of creating reality [smile emoticon]. Last proof I had [was] last weekend when I met G.Hüther a neurobiologist. I expressed the wish to meet him this February and by [chance] he sat just next to me. Very valuable for me were the content concerning how to speak with people who are in level [one] (modern man) and how to bring all this knowledge to our kids.

“I really feel bad about our actual education and school system [frown emoticon] and that it takes [so] long for changing things. But I also see movements and people who are working on it to change [smile emoticon], that is [what] I am concentrating on and where I got [a] new impulse for creative visualization today. Many thanks.”

~ Stephanie Schuster

Thank you, Stephanie! It’s wonderful to connect with people who care so much about the state of our education system 🙂

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