“It’s stuff that I haven’t seen before and I’ve been around… It has the potential to make you and your life so awesome you wouldn’t believe it.”

Becoming Limitless course has been really eye opening for me and I’ve recommended it to my friends too. I haven’t completed the course yet, I’m about halfway through and so far one of the best things about is have been the Q&A sessions. I sent a question to Vishen about entrepreneurship and money to one of these calls. He recommended I take a look at Christie Marie Sheldon’s and Harv T. Eker’s courses.

I started with Christie’s Unlimited Abundance and I also enrolled in Jeffrey Allen’s Duality course and the results have been unbelievable! In a short period of time I’ve had the guts to do stuff in my business I’ve been afraid to do before. My mindset about things that used to scare me has changed dramatically and I’m not afraid to step up and be seen in my business. I can also feel the changes happening when I listen to the audios in both courses. Stress levels seem to go down and I feel lighter, happier and more hopeful about the future.

~Minna N.