The concepts taught in Become Limitless, Vishen Lakhiani’s life-changing program, are designed to help you elevate your life — and your complete way of thinking.

If you want to expand your mind and your consciousness, Become Limitless is worth checking out. One of our customers, Sybella, recently wrote in to tell us how she resonated with Vishen’s explanation of the way our thoughts not only affect, but create our reality — and how you can use this to your advantage.

Sybella wrote:

“The [Become Limitless] program has been truly inspiring and mind-blowing, in a way I never thought possible coming into the course. This 8-week course condenses all the essence and advanced techniques in the field of consciousness engineering into a structured and easily [digestible] format, greatly expanding our horizons and empowering us to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

“… The program brought my understanding of these enlightening concepts to a whole new level. You seem to have a great aptitude to identify underlying brules, simplify complex concepts into practical tools that can be easily introduced to everyone, and significantly influenced our way of living for the better.

“My biggest “A-ha” moment is learning about the evolution of consciousness and the four levels of creation. Understanding this evolution really put many things into perspective for me. I now understand the underlying factor behind a lot of big changes in my life. Learning about the importance of dreaming big, being unrealistic in goals, to live by a mission not a career, bending reality by being in a flow state, surrendering to the universe; and seeing proven success stories like Mindvalley greatly inspire me and strengthen my belief that my vision in education is achievable despite my current limited experience.

“After being exposed to what you and Mindvalley is aspiring for, my vision in education significantly expanded, to not just focus on mindfulness but to teach and promote all wisdom-oriented concepts to youth. Although my vision to introduce these enlightening concepts to youth around the world may appear far-fetched, somewhere within me feels secure knowing that the universe is with me and I can bend reality according to my dreams.

To merge yourself with your vision seems to really increase the possibility of fulfilling your vision and is consistent with the idea of surrendering yourself to the vision, detaching your ego and working for the universe. The Merging technique is a whole lot more powerful than just plain visualizing. It makes your vision so much more real.

I greatly appreciate your willingness and openness in sharing your personal experiences, knowledge and wisdom in answering our questions. Hearing your personal stories and other success examples further strengthen my belief that these teachings and techniques really work. I really like how you are very straightforward and genuine in answering our questions, without exaggerating the results or hiding if you are unsure.

“There is no better course out there that empowers you to hack your minds, sharpen your intuition, heal yourself, manifest your dreams and achieve your utmost potential.”

~ Karuna Khyentse

Thank you for writing in, Karuna!

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