Christie Marie Sheldon’s transformational Love or Above program teaches you how to raise your vibrational frequency — and experience more love in your life.

We receive a phenomenal amount of feedback for both Christie and her course, from thousands of people around the world. Christie has cultivated a loyal following of students, with her unique teachings and endearing personality.

One of our customers, Catherine, wrote in to tell us about her experience with Love or Above, and also shared a beautiful poem she wrote, from the perspective of her childhood self. Here is what Catherine wrote to us:

“Here is a poem that I wrote that I’d like to share with you. Writing this poem helped get me unstuck in a few areas of my life. It is [a] significant moment of my life… me validating myself as a child:


Look at me…

who do you see?

I cannot help the features

of my face…

though some of them

do seem out of place.

I cannot help the color

of my skin, eyes, hair,

the definition of beauty,

I have learned, is not fair.

Look at me…

what do you see?

I cannot help who

my parents are…

residing in a mansion

or living in a car.

I cannot help which

clothes I wear each day.

I just want to be loved,

to be free, to learn, to play.

Look at me…

who do you see?

I cannot help my height,

my race, even my name…

I am just a child,

so I am new to this game.

I cannot help which

is the country of my birth.

I simply hope you take

the time to see my true worth.

Look at me…

what or who do you see?

Can you see past

this outward disguise…

or do you only see

with your eyes?”

~ Catherine Reeves-Kapke

Wow! Thank you for such a beautiful poem Catherine, it’s amazing to hear that we were able to bring such insight to your life 🙂

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