I just came across these pretty cool messages posted on Facebook about Omvana Meditation Application.

From Kevin Healy;

To family, friends, friends of friends and beyond, if you ever feel that need to take some personal time out of your hectic schedules and tap into that inspirational you that comes from within, then this my friends is definitely a gift passed on from me. DOWNLOAD this free OMVANA app giving you 50+ FREE mediations, binaural music and much much more, created by many of the highest regarded experts, authors and visionaries in all areas of PERSONAL GROWTH and already taking the app world by storm world wide, unfortunately this is only available for iPhone right now and FREE TO DOWNLOAD TODAY ONLY….so get it while it’s hot and enjoy!

From Stuart Hayner;

This is amazing! I over think every thing! This is a great tool to over come that! Sound- Music has great power and great ideas in a human voice! Why did this take so long. I have study all I can get my hands on sprit, mind,science, myth! I can’t wait to make my own tracks, as a sound designer, a thinker, a trickster and a dreamer!

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