What does it mean to be in Zentrepreneur community? How this Mindvalley platform can support you and your business by creating a uniques platform for pear to pear learning. Here are some answers from our Zentrepreneurs:


I was struggling for years to build my online business and since there’s so many “gurus” and weekly new “shine objects” promising the world it was hard for me to know what’s working and to stay on track. After joining Zentrepreneur I’ve really accelerated my business as I have one source for battle tested advice and great community support helping me avoid the BS and keeping me focused! Joining Zents should be the first investment for any online entrepreneur!
Fredrik Lyhagen
Holistic Life Coach

The community is very active and everyone is extremely helpful. I’ve learned a lot by just joining in the conversations in addition to the materials that Zentrepreneur provides.
Mei Ying
 I love being in Zentrepreneur because it helps me to vision where my business is going. Most of what is shared is for larger businesses than mine with a more established product line… but the energy and intent of Mindvalley aligns with my higher vision and that combined with the support of Ajit Nawalkha, Jason Campbell and Vishen Lakhiani helps me to know this is a safe supportive community with higher intent. I FEEL supported expanding my business to even greater levels of outreach just being in the energy field of the people and the business of Mindvalley. It is a blessing that we are all here together.
Thank you,
Lisa Long
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