When I attended Masterclass of Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire, This was what I wanted to learn. She knew exactly what to offer and how important to share each person’s story to the world. How she grew up and how she has become a successful public speaker was truly inspiring.

Her course contents such as express your voice, create your safe space, leave your legacy, or be authentic are so powerful, which I never thought before. I started to be conscious of those new elements. A public speaker is not just giving a talk to the audience; it requires interaction, two ways. Oh, really? This was the eye-opening. Also through daily mirror work, I found out that my, weakest point was procrastination.

I think the biggest asset for Speak and Inspire is getting to know me deeper and accepting myself no matter what. I feel that the whole of me has expanded. Plus, connecting and sharing personal stories with Tribes from all over the world is fantastic. Since I do procrastinate a lot, and felt so behind, and asked help, Tribes offered their help and encouraged me to keep going. I am not alone, I am working with Tribes; this connectedness is so huge and valuable.

Thus, I greatly recommend Lisa Nichols’ Speak and Inspire. Lisa is a tremendous authentic powerful woman to influence the world. I would love to meet her and talk to her in person. That is my dream!

~Takako Ueda