“Normally I only consume information and never use it. Lifebook challenged me to output and create something”

In the past, I only consumed information from podcasts and audiobooks, and Youtube videos. But I never really used this knowledge. Lifebook challenged me to create something, to output and share my visions. It feels great to create something. And the money-back deadline worked like a charm, to really get me going aOnd finishing this course.

Lifebook also made me take a good, hard look at myself and the things I was doing daily. Writing down exactly who I want to be, made me realize I was not working towards the best version of myself.
I discovered that I went to the gym to do bodybuilding, while in fact, the best version of myself only wanted to get strong to climb mountains, do obstacle runs and win at a ninja warrior contest. So I changed my strategy in that category of my life. Now I’m picked up parkour training and calisthenics which I actually enjoy a lot more.

This is me enjoying my new training,