I loved Jeffrey Allen’s calm and playful energy and one of the nicest things about the course was feeling I didn’t have to get every exercise perfect and I could be amused and playful whilst learn. I am actually doing his course again on my own this time and I am on day 9 today 🙂

One of the big Aha moments was the Body awareness section where we learned to love our bodies. This brought up a lot of emotion for me but it clearly shifted my feelings towards my body and I got to love it just the way it is. I am still noticing improvements in that area – when I walk past a mirror I find myself appreciating me and the way my body looks, the way it moves and how capable it is. I also loved the meditation when we healed our bodies – I always knew the body can heal itself but this sort of brought it home.

The emotion awareness section was amazing – I noticed that my relationships have improved in general, with my sister, my boyfriend, my ex-husband even. I even had a tattoo done saying “gratitude and joy” because of the impact this section had on me and my life. I noticed I was waking up happy and I learned to love my sadness and my anger and all the “negative” emotions. One of the massive things for me was realizing that jealousy is a feeling we feel now but it is always about the past or the future. This really helped me because I used to be jealous almost all the time (without realizing sometimes) and now every time I start getting jealous I just think of this “past/future” thingy and it goes away instantly.

I actually used some of the techniques Jeffrey taught us in school with the kids I teach English on Saturdays. They were much more focused after that (we went outside our bodies onto the Moon and our favorite places) and that particular awareness exercise helps me gain perspective whenever I get overwhelmed with something.

So, I feel much happier every day, my relationships have all improved, my ability to cope with stress is great (actually, there is hardly any stress in my life now) and I love all my emotions and my body.
Have a magical day,