Jeffrey Allen’s Duality is a form of game changer we look for in the energy world, as the heavy lifting usually associated with more traditional or recognized methods of clearing, releasing and cultivating all imply (frequently rightly so) great efforts and some degree of associated discomfort, Duality is a formula for leveraging our existing references and cultivating an ease and relatable, feasible, non-threatening way to bypass or reduce many of the challenges of “the work”.

Duality is revolutionary and redefining the way we engage and talk about energy, giving us images, relationships and a new dynamic of rapport with our forces within and without. To say this is an empowering experience is an understatement.

I use it in my work with clients and students as well as my own personal healing and cultivation practices. As a sensitive and empathic person, Duality has permitted me a deeper and more effective and efficient way by which to deal with managing myself and what is encountered in the greater field.

I recommend Duality to all. The tools are compelling, Jeffrey Allen’s style is pleasant, focused, contextualized and purposeful. Whether you are an established energy practitioner or just curious about energy in a general way, Duality is categorically elevating the experience.

Game changing.

Susan M. Amorose, DMQ