I would like to start by thanking Vishen for creating Mindvalley, OmHarmonics, and the Academy. Over the last 2 and a half years I have been able to “self-help” like never before. A bookcase full of books, many sessions with psychologists, workshops & counselors…..none have been as helpful or as enjoyable as my Mindvalley journey.

I have been plagued by anxiety and panic attacks since I was a small child. Unfortunately, these were ‘life-skills’ I learned from my Mother who never had the benefit of such wonders as the internet at her disposal to change her life. She was living out the lessons she learned from her Mother in a self-perpetuating downward cycle. I did NOT want to be part of that cycle but knew not how to totally escape. My decision not to have children was prompted by my desire to end the cycle, not wanting to pass it on to another innocent child.

I had small successes over the years with cognitive behavior therapy, meditation, and basic Yoga. But there always comes that one defining moment when you just know everything is going to change and is up to you which way it goes! For me, it was walking away from an employer I had been loyal to for 28 years. As I aged and technology & new “efficiency measures” whizzed past me at a rate of knots I knew in my heart (if not my head) that the stress this was causing me, was unsustainable. Add to that the loss of my beautiful Father and the increasing needs of an elderly, lonely and depressed Mother…..and there you have it! Something had to give and it wasn’t going to be me!

It was as I embarked on this new life that I discovered Omharmonics. Having dabbled with another popular brand of recorded meditations I knew there was something to this stuff. What I struggled with was spending an hour per day in meditation to achieve my self-development goals. When I learned that Omharmonics was promising a similar benefits but in shorter meditation sessions I was in! When I downloaded the recordings and listened to each for the first time, I was not disappointed. I now had a menu of magical music to help in any situation. And they do!

But more importantly, the Mindvalley Academy has enabled me to take short glimpses of the plethora of modalities out there for self-development, healing, change & well-being. I am storing these ‘glimpses’ for the future by attending the Masterclasses. Each one has given me different insights into the human condition and I look forward to making a decision as to which one is “The One” for me that will take me to new levels of awareness and well-being. My eventual goal is to be able to create that “Butterfly Effect” of helping all those around me simply by fluttering my wings!

Thank you Vishen and all your colleagues.


Pat Hobson