When I first found Mindvalley I was in a place where I knew I was destined for more than being a slave to a time clock and working a job I didn’t love to pay for things I didn’t need. I took a couple courses and I started seeing huge shifts in myself, my career path, and my relationships with others, but I still felt like I had more to offer. I wanted to go deeper.
I had been studying energy, chakras, crystals, and all things metaphysical for a couple years by then and had a solid meditation practice down and I was wondering what else there is for me to learn. When I received the invite for Deborah King’s Masterclass. I knew this was it! My next step. At the time I was working full time, raising a 5-year old son, and I was solely responsible for the household, so the only time I could find to take the class was on a lunch break at work (how great is it that we have the technology now to take these courses when it is convenient in our busy schedules??).
I drove to a shaded parking lot and there I sat in my car listening to Deborah speak. Wow! I had no idea what she was talking about. 5 years of studying what I thought was all the material there was to know and BAM, here came Deborah with unfamiliar terminology, invoking spirits from other realms – was that even possible? I was totally out of my league.
But then her reassuring words came at just the right time. She said if we have found this class, it is not by chance and we are ready for what she can do for us. So I listened to her meditation and it was unlike any other I’d heard. I felt like I had been taken to a whole new level, in every sense of the term.

So I signed up for Be a Modern Master and still, after the first session, I was unsure if I was ready, but I remembered Vishen’s story about always looking around the room and making sure you are in the company of people who can take you up a notch. And again, Deborah spoke with such confidence to everyone in the class that we were meant to be there and that she could help us. So I stayed and it’s the best decision I have made. Learning about the sutras, the gifts, and responsibilities that come along with them, her
life stories, her otherworldly stories, all of it has made me realize there is so much more out there and so much more I have to give back to the world. Since then, I am no longer working in a job I dislike.

I’ve volunteered more, simplified my life, cut out the excess fat as some may say, and I’m feeling much more fulfilled than I’ve been in a very long time. I would absolutely recommend this class to anyone looking for a little push to take their studies above and beyond. Deborah King is the real deal.
Thank you,
Lori Filis