*I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this courses and Mindvalley*

I have to be honest, I don’t know if this course would be working as well if I had not read The Code of the Extraordinary Mind several times plus listening to it regularly on audible. That’s what led me to Mindvalley to find The Spiritual Laws of Money.

The book totally transformed my life after decades of searching and not having things click. Now I can better soak up all the tools from the other courses and put them into action quickly. I was very serious when I gave a 10 rating. I also want to make it clear that I’m only halfway through the course. I’m doing it every two weeks or so instead of every week now so I can really let everything integrate. Going at my own pace is what works best for me. Now you have that information on to the high rating.

The 10 is because things are really shifting and changing externally because of the shift in my internal mindset. I now know in my entire core and being I am spiritual and rich and it’s starting to happen so beautifully in such a quick amount of time, it’s an astonishing. In the last month, I have gotten really wonderful new therapy clients who are paying the full rate instead of using insurance which is so wonderful. (I am a psychotherapist). My relationship with money has really shifted. I had no idea I was living in such fear in terms of my beliefs about money.

Between what I continue to learn from Harv and Vishen I feel like I’m a much better therapist and more present with my clients and I’m actually practicing what I preach. My work and personal life feel more present, grounded and happy for the first time in my life. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been working on myself for decades and I’m in my 40´s now but again what I am learning from Vishen and in Harv just brought me to a whole new level where I’m ready to take the actions and I see it manifesting right in front of my eyes which is so beautiful.

So I guess this rating is for both the book and the course. I hope that is okay. Another thing I have been wanting to share but didn’t have a platform since it’s a result of the book is that after reading the book something amazing happened! I have no idea how the universe made this happen and I credit the learnings from the book 100%! I started corresponding with the manager of my favorite artists in the world, yes the world. I sent an email to this manager to simply share how much this artist work has meant to me in my life, that’s how it all started.

The artist is now starting to become more recognized. Her work is very expensive and usually out of my price range. She has shown all over the country and the world and her work literally sell out in minutes. She had a show in April and her manager emailed me out of the blue saying I was one of only five people she emailed to show an early preview before the opening. She shared that her intuition kept telling her to contact me to be on this early preview and that I was meant to have one of the 12 pieces.

What she didn’t know if this was how I starting to apply the tools I had learned from the book and visualized that I was going to own one of her pieces of art and the joy that it would bring myself and others who come to my home and the gratitude for becoming email friends with this artist’s manager. I even visualized sharing with others that this all manifested after I read The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. So with this early preview, there was only one of the twelve pieces in my price range and it happened to be my favorite and I got it!!!

I am now on the next very small early preview list for her November show and have the time I need to budget for another piece!!! After that experience happened I started taking master classes at Mindvalley which let me to the course I’m in now, The Spiritual Laws of Money. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about this course and Mindvalley. I get so excited when it’s time for me to take the course I get all my worksheets out and get myself comfortable. It makes me so happy to hear and explore when I’m going to learn next.

Thank you for taking the time to read this as you can tell I’m so happy and humbled and grateful. Have a wonderful weekend!
Deanna Dodd