After listening to Christy Sheldon’s webinar about
abundance blocks Unlimited Abundance I noticed that all of a sudden I could breath profoundly.
That was incredible because I had a terrible cold, sinuses blocked,
congested lungs.
Besides that at the age of two I suffered a trauma and I stopped
growing, started to breath very shallow, the hormone productión stopped as
well. As an adult the lung capacity was measured and I have a lung capacity
of 1.5 liter.
Half a year ago, hyper presión in the arteries of the lung was diagnosed.
It is an incurable disease. I live in Bolivia and there is no treatment for
this disease here, so they have given me three years.
So now al of a sudden I can breath and I am positive that I can stretch
those three years.
There is no money to buy the program, but if Christie Sheldon can achieve
this in just 20 minutes, I’ll save every Boliviano (0.15 $) until I will
be able to buy the program.

Thank you very much Christy and all Mindvalley people.
~ Rianne van Steen