I am happy to share my story with his awesome evolving community. I’ve been inspired by Michael Bernard Beckwith and his simple and clear vision about Life since the interview with Vishen at 4 stages of human evolution and was very excited to know more about these stages and how can I grow. I wanted to understand universal laws, how Universe operates, so I could tune into this awareness and live more balanced and happy life.

Then Life Visioning program released! I went through all stages day-by-day releasing past negative experiences and opening myself up to my Authentic Self. I’ve got powerful affirmations that I use daily now and absolutely mind-blowing experience of Awareness (sweet Peace, Joy, feeling oneness with whole Cosmos).

Something shifted, old perception released and I now use this awareness and meditation practice to stay expanded and open-minded. I now know that Universe is on my side and 100% friendly! I now take responsibility for my own life and how I response to circumstances. I feel more balanced and happily free.

And instead of making things happen, I work on myself daily to be in alignment with my dreams and let them happen, welcome the most wonderful experiences that I can have. These are powerful foundation if you are ready and willing to go to the next stage of your own evolution and see things differently, from a broader perspective. I would highly recommend learning from Michael Bernard Beckwith, he is the best in his field. Thanks for bringing him to Mindvalley academy!

~ Nataliya Gubina

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