Before the course, I was in an unhealthy relationship which kept perpetuating negative cycles. After finding out about Christie Marie Sheldon through Mindvalley, I knew I had to sign up for her Unlimited Abundance Program.

This helped me go from a place of feeling helpless to breaking negative cycles, to feeling more emotionally empowered to manifesting a wonderfully conscious lover into my life. I will say, though, I give myself full credit for manifesting this, and it is MY power that attracted this in. I can also help others activate their potential for true love. 

It also helped propel me to move to Los Angeles for the summer and take acting classes, manifest a part time job I ADORE and book a paid gig in NYC performing MY MUSIC which is unheard of in New York. All this and much more, including coming out of sickness (Was sick for 4 years continuously and couldn’t get to the root of it). Now I am on the up and up, working on my musical branding, in a community of fabulous women and with my gorgeous man.

I realize that anything and everything is possible!

Thanks for reading my story!

With Luminosity,

~Dani, US