Unlimited Abundance has changed my outlook to a calmer and more positive one, and when creative visualizing I am excited because I know it will definitely, happen.

Since starting the program in April 2016 I have manifested over £1000. I have achieved a couple of my dream goals which are organizing my own art exhibition at a charity I volunteer. The Councillor at that area bought an original painting from me. Before the program I had never sold an original painting ever.

The exhibition was advertised in my local paper and three days after that I received a phone call from my local radio station and they invited me into the studio for an interview.  

These achievements have been a goal I had fantasised about achieving for the last 10 years, and it all happened effortlessly. In previous years I would not have had the confidence to attempt to organize an art exhibition in such a big way and be so visible. I have also manifested selling two prints this year.

I continue to listen to the meditations daily and do all the clearings. I cannot wait to see bigger goals being achieved in the New Year, I am finally carving out my true life.



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