Thank you so much for this book. It was life-changing. I grew up with some of the ideas you presented in The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, but had lost my emotional connection to them over the past couple years. Your book opened my eyes to how much my own thinking was hurting my state of being. I cannot tell you how many times your book brought happy tears to my eyes because your words resonated with me. The Code of the Extraordinary Mind will be one of the keystone books in my life.

For some background about me, my name is Brittany Blair and I am twenty years old. I am currently going into my third year of a BS/MS in biotechnology at the University of Nevada, Reno. I’ve known I wanted to be Dr. Blair since I went to India with my mom in the second grade, so I plan to pursue a PhD in plant biology and hopefully help humanity either through biofuel or agriculture research. The problem I’ve had the last year is I lost connection with my emotional self who believed in the power of the mind. I was neither happy nor unhappy, but I was definitely burnt out from getting stuck in too many means goals. Luckily, I was afforded an opportunity to conduct research in Italy this summer and I picked up your book in the LA airport on my way there. I’ve always believed in the universe giving you what you ask for and I dearly needed a way to change my thinking, and your book was the one that did it.

I’ve learned so much from your book that one email, or even one conversation, isn’t enough to convey it all. Perhaps one of the biggest lessons I took from your book is to stop hiding from myself and the world. With my old way of thinking, I wanted to have an extraordinary life but I didn’t want the world to notice, and I’ve learned that those two lines of thinking don’t work very well together. I’ve always been shy about sharing anything about myself with others, but it prevented me from living up to my potential and was causing me to stay in scenarios that were making me unhappy. Your book helped me free myself from my own mind. I also realized that a Brule I was living under was that emotions were weak. That Brule crushed my ability to enjoy life and to enjoy the simple things like how beautiful the day is. I’ve cried, and laughed, and smiled, and lived so much more since I’ve read your book than I had in the past two years. I even met an amazing man while I was in Italy because I changed how I thought and I returned to my emotional, joyous self.

I’m back in the States now and I’ve already told so many people about your book. I left my original copy with my boyfriend in Italy, and when I went to buy another at the store today I ran into another girl my age who was reading motivational books and I told her how your book changed my life. I am already planning on telling more people at my university about the Code and hopefully can spread it to others. I am a senator in my student government and want to promote the ideas from your book because teaching people that they can create whatever life they want is a mission that speaks to my heart.

Thank you so much!

~ Brittany Blair

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